Do you accept walk-ins?

  •  Unfortunately, we do not accept walk-ins. Appointments are required for all services. Feel free to contact us to schedule your appointment. 

    Do you service events such as Photo Shoots, Weddings etc.?

  •  Yes!  Once you have the time, date, and location locked in, we will then set an appointment to do a contract. At that time a deposit will also be required.

   How do I go about setting an appointment?

  •  To request an appointment, please send us a text that includes your Name, Date of Service that you are wanting, and the service(s) that you are interested in receiving. Also include your email address for any deposits that may be required. 

   Are credit card payments acceptable?

  • Yes. We accept all major credit cards as well as cash. Visit our Make a Payment page for more information.

   Are consultations given?

  • Upon request, and up to 30 minutes for a $20 fee. Any consultation that goes over 30 minutes, will have an additional $10 service fee. All fees must be paid at the time of scheduling the appointment.


  How long does it take? 

  • While this varies for each individual, the actual installation only takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

  How many bags or bundles are needed?

  • For partial installations, 1 1/2 to 2 bags, for full installation two full bags. And when purchasing by bundles, two to three bundles.

  Recommended brands?

  • We have not found alternative brands over the beauty supply hair, but  we hear great results about the following brands:

Bobbi Boss | Outre Remy Velvet | Cuticle Remy XQ | and Premium Outre. For wavy hair, Bobbi Boss Ocean Wave.

  How long does installations last?   

  • Installations can last a very long time, but we do not recommend going past 2 to 3 months in order to prevent damage.

  What is a Silk Press?

  • This is an upgraded version of the traditional press and curl, and is for those who are natural or have at least 2 inches of chemical free new growth (in the transitioning stage).


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